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925 W 36th St
Baltimore, MD, 21211
United States

(410) 235-2269

The first organic salon of it's kind, Sprout opened its doors in November 2006. From the sustainable materials used in our space to the products we sell on our shelves we pride ourselves on having a very high standard of environmental awareness for our clients, our stylists and the earth. At Sprout, we ensure that everything that surrounds you is thoughtfully considered for it's effects on your body and your overall well being. Now available, Organic Chemistry, our custom product line, made locally from the highest quality, ethically harvested ingredients. 


About Us

At Sprout, we ensure that everything that surrounds you is thoughtfully considered for its effects on the health and well-being of our clients, our stylists and our environment.

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Our mission is, and has always been, to create a hair salon with the highest standards of artistry and technique, without the toxic processes and products standard in the hair-care industry. In 2006, we opened our doors as one of the first organic salons in the country. From the recycled building materials used on the interior of our shop to the natural products used on your hair, we believe that true beauty is sustainable.

What we do differently:

  • We create a fume-free, toxin-free environment
  • We use the safest, cleanest color line available that also delivers the quality, luster and long-lasting coverage you would expect from traditional color
  • All of our shampoos, conditioners and styling products meet our high standards of effectiveness without harsh chemicals
  • All of our shampoos and conditioners are color safe
  • We use limited energy resources whenever possible
  • We get 100% wind farm credits to offset our power consumption
  • Our award-winning lighting design incorporates the latest, highly energy efficient LED and electronic ballast fluorescent technology
  • We use only vinegar and water to clean the bamboo floors and all natural cleaning products
  • We participate in recycling programs for hair trimmings
  • We ensure that no toxic chemicals go down the sink and into our watershed
  • We use and sell only the highest quality organic and natural products